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Al-Islam, The One & Only Religion That Covers EveryDay Life!

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"This Day I Have Perfected Your Religion For You,Completed My Favour Upon You,And Chosen For You Islam As Your Religion."
The Holy Qur'an (Surah 5, Verse 3)

Assalamu Alaykum Rehmatoulahi Wabarakatou Dear Brothers & Sisters In Islam & Hello To All Those people Who Aren't Muslim But Are Reading Up & Searching On Islam.


Islamic Faith (Iman) and Islamic Belief (Aqeeda) comprise a very important part of a Muslims life.They play a major part in a Muslims life,there fore one should know his Islamic Beliefs (Aqeeda) but only through Islamic Faith (Iman) will the knowledge of this Islamic Belief (Aqeeda) be of any real value.For a knowledgable person in islam (A Scholar),once stated : "What good is that Islamic Belief (Aqeeda) without Islamic Faith (Iman)." Basically Stating one can know about Islam Or any religion For that matter and its belief but what good is the knowledge of that belief if he doesnt evan have faith in it.
On this web site I'll offer Information On Islam,Hopefuly Every aspect of it.You See Islam Is a vast religion it encompases every thing in a Muslims life.Like how one dresses,eats,sleeps,acts,speaks,walks,sneezes,down to evan how one showers or cuts there nails.You see Islam is not just a religion but a total way of life,because like I stated it encompases every aspect of a muslims life.In following all these things like how to eat or sleep or speak & Etc.,Muslims in a whole are actually emulating the last Prophet of Allah (God),Who is named as Muhammad(May God's Peace & Blessings Be Upon Him),So This Is Basically called His Sunnah or his way of life.They Also Follow The Holy Qur'an which is the last and final testiment of Almighty Allah (God).
Well take a look around and be sure to drop me a comment at my e-mail,well hope to see you soon.
Assalaamu Alaykum Rehmatoulahi Wabarakatou To My Muslim Brothers & Sisters & Bye to the Others.




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